Khwaab Welfare Trust


Non-Profit Organisation


Strategy, Digital Media, eCommerce

Build a strong brand & increase gross sales.

Khwaab is a hybrid social enterprise working towards women empowerment and financial inclusion. The not-for-profit arm focuses on creating awareness and skilling. The for-profit arm focuses on providing employment opportunities to those who are trained under the skilling program. Khwaab manufactures in-house and sells handmade products directly to customers. The profits are split fairly and benefits are directly transferred to the women.


Sustainable Growth

To build business processes and digital interfaces while balancing cost, reliability and ease of use.

Brand Strategy

Visual Guidelines

To build a cohesive identity, brand assets were streamlined. This entailed optimising the existing logo, standardising typography and reducing colour disparity to ensure pixel-perfect visuals.



All digital media assets were flipped to the sunny side, focusing on the positive perspective and spreading warm and happy vibes.

The hands behind the brand were made the face of the brand.


Digital Media Management

To organise the library of assorted photos and videos, a cloud platform was used to enable classification & easy access on the go. 

A set of foundational guidelines were also laid down to ensure consistency. For eg, to ensure an equal portrayal of women and children, it was advised to take photos and videos at the eye-level.


Go-To-Market Strategy (GTM)


To build a reliable and sustainable source of revenue, D2C (direct to consumer) approach was adopted. This entailed building a self-hosted eCommerce platform and utilising digital channels for outreach.


In addition to a D2C approach, the experience was built for various audiences in mind. This was to ensure that no opportunities are missed out, and gradually it led to a growth in off-site pop-up stalls and B2B orders.

Price Analysis

To collect data, eCommerce operations were initially run on an experimental basis for the first few months. After a thorough market research, combined with data insights, it was concluded that the brand was offering superior products at cheaper prices than its competitors online. A differential price increase across products was suggested.


Business Process Management


As the enterprise grew, the team had to be up-skilled. This entailed building unconventional processes, techniques and documentation to help facilitate the same.

For eg, enabling artisans to manage eCommerce operations via a combination of the website, cloud storage, collaboration softwares and mobile apps.

Command + Control Center + Automation

The long-term goal was to build a website capable of handling all transactions and operations centrally to streamline operations, functioning as a full-fledged ERP. This involved careful technology planning and communicating it’s long-term implications.


Once substantial data was collected, processes were built to automate specific tasks to make them more efficient.

For eg, sending out automated emails such as order invoice, shipment tracking updates, data backups, etc.

Big breather square, or use a 6000x3000 photo or video clip.
Web & Technology

State of the Art

In order to keep things simple, the pages were built using modern reusable drag and drop code blocks, for easy in-house maintenance. This was achieved by keeping a lean codebase and following best industry practices.

As the digital experience is an integral part of the brand, the interface was specially designed to fade into the background, to allow the brand’s story to come forward.

Web & Technology

Security & Stability

Data collection points and systems were put in place, to continually gather feedback, business insights, and improve systems and user experience.  

As the livelihood of multiple families depended on the success of the website, the responsibility was tremendous. A no compromise strategy resulted in a stable, reliable and robust system. Frameworks were developed to monitor and isolate threats and to ensure data integrity. Proprietary self-healing capabilities were built into the website, which resulted in exceptional site uptime.

Web & Technology

Future Ready

During the course of the project, the website was built from the ground-up twice, with five major updates to incorporate unanticipated requirements.

Accounts on various services were set up to enable digital payments, logistics, email marketing, and customer retention. This involved an end-to-end management including account setup, KYC, compliance checks and a full feature integration with the website.


Digital Marketing

Implemented basic SEO to enable discovery via digital search channels. Streamlined social accounts, switched all to @ourKhwaab, improved bios, descriptions, even made a few posts in the beginning, built templates. Later switched to an advisory role. To facilitate efficient brand discovery, domain names such as and were adopted.

For social media, @ourKhwaab was selected, to emphasise on the collective dream.

Showcase Marketing.
Product Photography Maybe

Increase in Gross Sales: 39.5%*

The most promising outcome was to see artisans who had previously been skilled by Khwaab and were making handmade goods, to be promoted to the role of full-time managers. They now oversee and manage the full scope of commerce, overseeing the fulfilment of orders, managing accounts using Zoho Books, maintaining inventory and other organisational tasks using Google Drive, logistics and payments via third party SaaS integrations, customer care and product quality control.

We are truly proud of them, and Khwaab’s efforts into making this happen.

These women are a beacon for hope in their community. They have been able to work even under a nation-wide lockdown during Covid-19 to make reusable cloth masks, which are being sold via the website, and also allowing people to donate money to distribute those masks. They have been able to financially and morally support their families at a time when a majority of their husbands have lost their jobs. It is truly mesmerizing to see when their hard work and determination pays off. 

*Calculated as first 10 months vs. last 10 months.

This project was undertaken by Raghav Bhasin in personal capacity over the course of two years, out of which xyz months were blah blah blah.

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