Brewing Studio®

Media Kit

Feel free to use the following resources as appropriate. Though it would be better if you get in-touch with our team at They’ll help you out with high quality graphics as required.

Please note, Brewing Studio® is a registered trademark under several classes. Misuse, unauthorised use or tampering with the logo may attract penalties.


Font: Hero New
Brewing: 800
Studio: 500

Color Palette







Magenta Pantone


Key Lime


Granny Smith Apple


Blue Munsell







Proposed Splashscreen
Laptop: 4000 x 1800 (or 5120 x 2400)
Tablet: 4000 x 4000
Mobile: 2400 x 4440
Resolution: 200 PPI
Color Mode: RGB


Square: 4000 x 4000
Rectangle: Variable for now
Resolution: 200 PPI
Color Mode: RGB
Save all possible files as either .svg, or where not possible, as JPEG at 6/12 quality

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