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DPS Siliguri & DPS Fulbari




Editorial & Print

Redesign the annual prospectus for both schools, with a fresh and exciting look.

DPS Siliguri & DPS Fulbari both fall under the Bidya Bharati Foundation. The institutes are located in the state of West Bengal, near the foothills of Darjeeling. The foundation approached us to deliver a fresh and exciting new take on their annual prospectus.


Media Organisation, Preserving Essence & Time.

Due to the lack of a cloud system at the client’s end, an interesting challenge we faced here was to organise, optimise and store all content and media files in one place. Establishing a database helped both teams stay on the same page, while making it efficient to work remotely as well. As both schools had different aspirations with the feel they wanted to communicate through the publication, dedicated sessions were organised to achieve the same. This project was highly time bound due to the advent of the Puja holidays in Bengal.



An integral part of the project was to capture the essence and liveliness of the school through photographs. We consulted with the onsite photographer to keep an eye out for moments that would appeal and create a sense of trust with the parents. 


Editorial Design

As we dug deep through previous editions and made notes for the new one, we realised the need of clean & bright graphics, to support the fresh identity we were aiming for. Text heavy pages were replaced with big, warm photographs and a crisp layout to enhance the feel further.

The colours, illustrations, icons and graphics, the whole package was made in a way to radiate optimism and trust in the school to make sure of a bright future for the child.


Printing & Transportation

To package the publication, we experimented with jacket sizes and made prototypes in different paper gsm and quality. Using sustainable paper and minimising wastage was of utmost concern. All this was made possible with the help of our print associate in New Delhi and the final delivery of 1650 pieces was facilitated by our courier partner via road from New Delhi to Siliguri, West Bengal.

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